Friday, January 9, 2009

Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge week 5

I'm certainly glad the holidays are over. There is so much work involved, that it seems to take longer to recover from the holidays than it took to prepare for and celebrate them. I decided (since I finished my final 2008 Christmas cards on December 23rd) that this year I will participate in Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge. Pretty easy, you make two Christmas cards a week (she started the first week of December), so that by the time the first week of December rolls around you have made 104 cards. I won't need quite that many cards, so I won't be playing catch-up. My first two cards of the year came from the July 2008 issue of CardMaker Magazine. This was another example of a really cute, detailed card that turned out WAY smaller than I thought (see my accordian card and The Rest of the Christmas Cards posts for other examples). My only bummer moment with these cards was when I ran out of both my red and green organza ribbon. I need to find a good source to get those in bulk. They were finished by Sunday, it just took me some time to take the pictures, then save them to the computer, then type a blog entry. Darn work getting in the way of fun stuff. Enjoy! Hope you are inspired to start your Christmas cards early as well. That will definitely reduce the pre-holiday stress I know so many of us deal with.

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Lea said...

cute cards. Great idea, or you could be like me and make a ton of cards and then NOT send them out so you've got a jump start on next year!