Monday, January 7, 2013

My 2012 Crafting Count

Well, 2012 was not a very productive year for me craft-wise, but that is because of how busy I was with work and school.  I moved back to the States from Okinawa, took a bunch of college classes, made the Dean's List, was inducted into TWO honor societies, got an AWESOME back injury at work, completed extra professional education and reading for work, and planned and executed the biggest-deal project of my military career.  Unfortunately, that means my expenditures on crafting supplies FAR exceeded my production for the year.  These are my totals:

Pages complete: 0
Cards complete: 13
Altered Items: 3
Digital Pages complete: 0
Sewing Items: 0
Crochet Items: 0
Miscellaneous Items: 2

I actually did work on some digital layouts on Studio J, but I don't count them until I place the order (so that will mean a boost in my 2013 numbers).  

I think my school schedule this year will be such that I will be able to have at least a little bit of crafting time each month (well, until the fall anyway).  Maybe I'll set a goal this year of scheduling crafting time into my weeks.  That sounds like a good goal.  What are YOUR crafting goals for 2013?

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