Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Crafting Totals

Well, another year has flown by.  I didn't realize how quickly it passed until I went into my garage in December to get my Christmas tree, and realized that I never did get it put away on the top shelf of the garage when I took it down last year.

I wasn't very productive in terms of crafting, but I did accomplish a lot at work, completed my junior year of college (and made the Dean's List in the spring and fall), and did a little bit of volunteer work.

I remember that there were a few occasions when I had trouble updating the count gadget, but these numbers are fairly close.

Pages complete: 1

Cards complete: 7

Altered Items: 5

Digital Pages complete: 20

Sewing Items: 0

Crochet Items: 4 (one VERY INVOLVED in progress, about 75% complete)

Miscellaneous Items: 2 (a shadow box for a co-worker's retirement that I really must blog, a super cool geeky Christmas tree decoration that I also must really blog)

Once again, my expenditures far exceeded my production for the year, but I plan to do a better job of scheduling craft time into my schedule in 2014.  What are your crafting goals for 2014?

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