Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts in a jar

I decided to make cookie mixes in a jar for Christmas gifts for teachers, daycare providers and neighbors. I found a lot of recipes, but the two that sounded the best I found on Organized Christmas. I chose Oatmeal Scotchies and Cranberry Hootycreeks. I don't know what a hootycreek is, but how could I pass up a cookie with a name like that? Plus, it has cranberries AND white chocolate chips, it must be delicious.

These are the completed jars for my son's teacher and teacher's aide, and the three daycare ladies. I made gift tags by folding a 3" X 6" piece of cardstock in half and then cutting a circle with my Nestabilities (making sure to leave a part of the fold intact). I stamped the image (from the December Word Puzzle), then embossed with clear detail embossing powder. The inside was stamped using the now-retired Christmas Tags stamp set).

I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart, and printed out a 7 inch circle to use as my template. I then cut it on on my Versamat using a rotary cutter. Super simple.

The first batch I didn't think to use rubber bands to secure the fabric to the jar, I simply tied on the ribbon. The subsequent batches have rubber bands keeping the fabric on, and the Cranberry Grosgrain ribbon is simply decorative.

The recipes on the Organized Christmas website each have a PDF file with the directions so you can easily print the decorative label to attach to your jar. I was going to make my own labels, but time always seems to slip away. I found that a lot of the recipes for gifts in a jar have more ingredients than the jar has volume, so you have to work REALLY hard to get everything in the jar (which is why I didn't make as many Oatmeal Scotchie jars, it is VERY hard to get everything to fit-however, the Cranberry Hootycreeks were a perfect fit and the colors are nicer). I still have a few more to make before I am finished, and I will definitely make these again. I am already planning for next year, I think I will make a soup in a jar.


ya ya's mom said...

nice work jill!!!

Sue said...

Those look yummy. Betcha ya ya's mom would like some of those!

lovinpaper said...

Love them!!!

Liane said...

Those look yummy! I want some! LOL... of course Alec would probably eat it before I baked it!